VRA Rescue / Cessnock District Rescue Squad

Cessnock District Rescue Squad

The Cessnock District VRA Rescue Squad is accredited by the NSW State Rescue Board (SRB) as the primary rescue unit for the vast majority of the Cessnock Local Government Area (LGA). The members of the squad are available to respond 24 hours a day, every day to any emergency incident. The squad attends incidents such as motor vehicle collisions, industrial and domestic accidents, searches, accident and crime scene illumination, vertical rescue incidents, animal rescues, inland water rescues, storm and tempest incidents and many others. The squad also provides any assistance as requested by Police, Ambulance, Fire or any other authorised organisation. The squad has been affiliated with the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) since 1986 and existed under other titles for ten years prior to that, resulting in over 35 years and thousands of hours of voluntary service within the Cessnock District.


Squad Cessnock District Rescue Squad
Address South Avenue
Cessnock 2325
Postal Address PO Box 312
Cessnock NSW 2325
Phone(02) 4991 2444
Fax(02) 4991 3636